Sree Narayana Public School Poothotta
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, AFF No. 930154
Managed by: S.N.D.P Yogam Branch No. 1103


The school follows the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE, New Delhi, to which it is affiliated. The medium of instruction is English.

Curriculum at Sree Narayana Public School

  1. Is activity centered.
  2. Provides stimulating learning environment both inside and outside the classroom.
  3. Cultivates an attitude of being compassionate towards nature and one's fellow beings.
  4. Instills competence and confidence.
  5. Inspires a love of learning and intellectual vibrance.


Admission procedure is held by certain policies of the Management and by the conditions of age, ability and conduct.

At the time of admission the student should be personally introduced by the parent or guardian who will be responsible to the school authorities for his/her studies and conduct.

Birth Certificate should be produced while seeking admission.

Students seeking admission from other schools should bring Transfer Certificate & Progress Report Card of the last class they studied/exam passed.

Children seeking admission to LKG should have completed 4 years of age as June 1st of the given year and 6 years for Class 1.Those applying for admission to LKG, UKG and Class 1 must produce their birth certificate.

Admission to Class II to Class IX and Class XI are decided on the basis of entrance test. These students are required to furnish their Progress Report Cards from the school where they studied previously.

Admissions for students to Class XI are selected on the basis of the Class X results, test and interaction. The application for students to XI can be collected from the school office.

Rules and Regulations


● No Student shall be absent from class without sufficient reason. Parents / guardians must claerly state the reason for the absence in the Leave Record of the School Year Planner.
● Students are not allowed to go out of the campus during school hours, including recess time.
● Those who absent themselves without prior permission shall not either the class without Principal's permission.
● Students are not permitted to avail leave for social functions, tours or holidays while the school is in session. Similarly atudents are not allowed to remain absent on the first day of opening and closing days of long breaks or special holidays.
● Unauthorized absence of more than 15 days will lead to removal from the rolls.
● Students suffering from contagious diseases will not be permitted to attend the school. In case of serious illness the Principal must be informed within 3 days and a Doctor's certificate to be submitted.
● During the month of May, special classes for High School and Senior Secondary will be conducted. Attendance is compulsory.
● 85% attendance is compulsory for every child to appear for the Annual Examination.
● Punctuality is a much cherished value in the school. Students who make it a habit of coming late will be sent home at the fourth instance after 3 warnings as is recorded on the Defaulter's Record.
● The school does not encourage children to be taken early or brought late to school. In case it unavoidable, the parent must send a note to the class teacher, seeking permission.


The School uniform is obligatory on all school days and during official functions. It is the duty of the parents/guardians to see that students come to school neatly dressed in the prescribed school uniform.

Class I to III - Navy Blue shorts. Pink shirt (Half sleeve) Black shoes (leather with lace) Blue socks and school belt.

Class IV & V - Coffee brown shorts, ivory shirt (half sleeve) black shoes (leather with lace) and coffee brown socks and school belt.

Class VI to X - Navy blue pants, Pink shirt (half sleeve) black shoes (leather with lace) and navy blue socks and school belt.

Std XI & XII - Ash colour pants, ash check shirt (half sleeve) school belt and black shoes with ash colour socks.

Class I to III - Navy Blue pinafore ‘ V’ neck in front and square neck at the back, Pink shirt, navy blue socks, black buckle shoes and school belt.

Class IV & V - Navy Blue pinafore ‘ V’ neck in front and square neck at the back, Pink shirt, navy blue socks, black buckle shoes and school belt.

Class VI to X - Navy blue pants with Pink shirt (half sleeve) navy blue overcoat with emblem. Black buckle shoes and navy blue socks

Class XI & XII - Churidar - ash bottom , ash check top with square neck without slit and ash overcoat, black buckle shoes with ash socks.


(to be worn on Wednesdays)

Class I to VII - Black colour track suit along with house colour T – shirt.
Class VIII to XII - White colour pants with house colour T – shirt, house belt.